Sex Toy Storage – Too Many Willies to Hide

I’ve given up on trying to hide my sex toys in shoe boxes under my bed. The Joyboxx doesn’t even come close to holding my complete stash.

I’m in full agreement with the folks over at BobsandKnobs in that there aren’t a lot of good options for sex toy storage when your collection is larger than average.

I know it seems like it’s no big deal. Get a large rubbermaid container and put it under your bed. But there’s more to it than just a big bin of willies.

You see:

Sex toys can be delicate. The materials used to make them can interact with each other and react. This melts your toy. Are ALL sex toys delicate flowers that need their own cubby? Nope. But some are and that can get complicated.

Foot of the Bed Ottoman

If you have a full handle on what toys can and can’t touch each other and you have storage bags for many of your toys, consider storing your sex toys in an ottoman at the foot of your bed. If you’ve never used a storage bench like the Seville Classic Foldable Storage Bench Ottoman, they’re great for sitting on to get dressed, to use at your makeup table, etc.
You can store your toys on the bottom of the ottoman and/or in the small tray at the top and even cover them with comforters so that if someone were to peek inside, there would be nothing out of the ordinary. The Seville Classic Ottoman is one of the most popular low priced ottomans on Amazon. It’s a good value whether you’re using it for sex toy storage or a place to store your extra blankets.


In your Dresser Drawer

There’s nothing wrong with storing your sex toys in your dresser drawer if that works for you. The key is to try and keep the toys separated and lint/hair free. If you do decide to store in your dresser drawer, try using drawer dividers so that your toys aren’t touching each other.

Something like the Sorbus Set of 4 Foldable Drawer Dividers will allow you to have different toys of different shapes all separated in your dresser drawer.  It’s easy to open up and pick which one you want.

Storing Toys individually

While we wish that all sex toys would come with their own storage bag, sadly, this isn’t the case. A storage bag is good for a variety of reasons:

  • keeps dust, lint, and pet hair off of toys (especially good for black silicone vibrators with a matte/draggy finish).
  • Keeps silicone separate from silicone (can melt if touching) and other jellies (if that’s your thing) away from basically anything else that can melt them.
  • The last line of defense in case someone opens up your sex drawer. Non-descript fabric bags don’t instantly scream “dildo!” to the unsuspecting person.

A bag that I’ve been liking lately is the Sugar N Spice Boutique Sugar Sak Toy Bag. It’s pink, made from antibacterial material, and has a little drawstring to tie up. It’s also cute for gifting sex toys in! The Sugar Sak comes in several different sizes so find what’s perfect for your toys!